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  1. John
  2. LayR
  3. Friday, 24 March 2017
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Hi All

So, I have a few issues.

1 - The seems to be an issue (not related - I think - to LayR) where the iCloud folders on my Mac do not match what i see on my iPad! So, need to get that sorted!

2 - When I try the import via iTunes, I see no additional patches/performance items when I try to select a new performance. I downloaded two sets from here, dragged them into my iTunes LayR folder as per the instructional video, and they appear as their own folders when I view this in iTunes on the Mac - not in the Instruments or performance folders (two new folders are created, one for each of the sets I copied across).

Can you advise what i am doing wrong please? Ta
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Hi John
Regarding your iCloud Drive issue. I've seen that happen too. A solution that seems to work is to log out of iCloud on your Mac and then log back in again. It seems to jolt the system into syncing it correctly. It's pain, but I've only had to do that once and it's stayed in sync since.

Regarding the iTunes issue. It is more complicated than using iCloud Drive...

You have the 2 folders. Instruments and Performances.

The files in those folders must be named with a prefix that represents the preset's bank and program slot.

You have a preset called "MyPerformance.layrperf"

You want it to be in bank 2 program 10

MIDI program numbering is offset by one, so you rename the file prefixed with the following number 001009


Drag the performances folder out of iTunes to your desktop

Drop the new file into that folder. ( don't delete the contents of the folder! )

Drag the folder back to iTunes and replace the old one.

Now when you run LayR you should see 10 MyPerformance in bank 2 program 10 slot
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if you add presets to these folders you need to be careful that you get the slot numbering correct. It's possible to have different names using the same slots. You need to avoid that by being careful when you number them. If it does happen LayR won't complain but it will only show one of them in the browser.
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For anyone coming here and browsing through:  I'm looking at ways to make bulk preset import/export easier. So in the not too distant future I'll announce it in an update :)

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