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  1. Zjenji
  2. LayR
  3. Friday, 23 June 2017
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So is 1.0.4 still a go? Can't wait to hear some more Brice goodness.

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Zjenji Hi,  Yes it certainly is!  v1.0.4 is still in testing while we make sure it's solid, and yes plenty of Brice goodness coming with it too :)

Here's a little list of what to expect..

  • Ableton Link
  • Audiobus3  ( this is what's causing the delay we're testing issues with AB3 )
  • A MIDI output port for keyboard and arpeggiator
  • Latch or catch mode for MIDI controllers
  • The ability to create/save and load MIDI controller templates per layer.
  • Lot's of great new presets.
  • Bug fixes for known issues.

Don't know exactly how long you're going to have to wait, but it won't be much more than a week or two! Maybe sooner :)




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Zjenji Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Nice! I can't wait. Easily my favorite music app of the year.

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So here's what's looking like the final details for update v1.0.4. Just hanging on a tiny bit longer while we continue our tests with Audiobus  but hopefully out for the end of June....

LayR Release Notes v1.0.4: 


     Features & Bug Fixes


    Cinematic: A new bank of Performance presets by Brice.

    Ableton Link for arpeggiator. Link can be enabled/disabled in settings.

    MIDI Output port: Enabled with an option in settings, defaults to off.

    MIDI Virtual Destination Chooser: To send MIDI to other apps. Only available when the MIDI out port is enabled.

    MIDI Controller Templates: Tap the new MIDI icon at the top of the Layer Editor view.

    Sends MIDI controller from assigned dials when MIDI Out is enabled, (on the Instrument channel).

    “Pickup” Mode for MIDI controllers. Option in settings.  

    Channel Pressure added to the list of assignable MIDI controllers.

    AudioBus 3: Audio and MIDI.


    Settings has an option to stop Master Tempo being set when Performances are loaded.

    Manually loading a performance or instrument makes that bank current for MIDI program select.

    Group and assign on iPad is now high enough to accommodate 8 rows instead of 7

    New Shortcut: Double tapping on a dot in the link/assign view selects or deselects the entire column.

    New Shortcut: In Preset Selector Views, long press on bank names to rename banks.


    Fixed: Crash when starting mono-legato voices in 64 voice mode.

    Fixed: Potential crash when rapidly changing presets via MIDI Program Change.

    Fixed: Preset Files stored on iCloud Drive can now be loaded by tapping on them or selecting “Open In…”

    Fixed: Layer volume sliders now show MIDI icon when assigned to a MIDI controller.

    Fixed: MIDI controller assignations no longer seem to disappear after deleting another instrument.

    Fixed: Possible crash caused by corrupt UI after launching from an IAA host.

    Fixed: Layer strip name label resizes font to fit width.

    Fixed: MIDI Assign view rendered incorrectly if a layer has a really long name.

    Fixed: Tempo was not always correctly set when loading a performance.

    Fixed: It’s now possible to select LayR as a MIDI destination from inside other apps. 

    Fixed an envelope bug that could cause loud clicks with some settings.

    Improved voice stealing in attempt to reduce clicks when max polyphony is exceeded.

    Changed the wording of the “Import” button to “Append” in the Load Performance view.



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Thanx, great, thumbs up !

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