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  3. Monday, 06 March 2017
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Here's a list of things already on the todo list, in no particular order except for the first one ...

Edited to reflect changes included in v1.0.3

  • Ableton Live link.
  • Save Keyboard & Scale Editor settings with the performance.
  • Keyboard & Scale Editor: option to turn off coloured keys.
  • Save Played note velocity into the arpeggiator.
  • Save/Load arpeggiator sequence presets.
  • Button to clear Arp event sequencer.
  • Arp: swing/shuffle mode as seen in many other arpeggiators
  • MPE.
  • Level meter on instrument/layer strip
  • Multiple MIDI in ports.
  • MIDI output port(s) for the onscreen keyboard and arpeggiator.
  • Moveable instrument and layer strips.
  • Coloured bars under the names at the bottom of instrument strips, as in DAW tracks.
  • Add Pitch Bend to onscreen keyboard?
  • Onscreen keyboard to be detachable and resizable.
  • XY Pad option for onscreen keyboard.
  • Add bend and transpose to filter tuning
  • CC midi mapping template to apply to layers
  • Intelligent randomiser.
  • ADSR to LFO rate. LFO -> LFO rate.
  • Keyboard could be coloured to reflect key ranges in performance.
  • Add a "random" mode to the arp (i.e. Off, Up/Down, Up, Down, As Played, Random)
  • Add transpose function per track to event sequencer.
  • Microtuning with SCALA and TUN support.

There are also some exciting features coming which will be announced when they're ready!

If there's anything else you'd particularly like to see added, start a reply to this topic so that it can be discussed.

No promises! but you never know!

Responses (14)
David Ai Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

I would like to see AUv3.  Is this possible?

  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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David Ai Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Yes there were two actually.  Poison 202 by Jim Audio and Phasemaker by Bram Bos

  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Bryan Baker Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

(1)  Suggest making the "arpeggiator on" symbol above the keyboard match the arp mode symbol in the arp window

(2)  Add a "random" mode to the arp (i.e. Off, Up/Down, Up, Down, As Played, Random)

(3)  Add a step indicator (e.g. small dot or box outline) to each track of the arp grid to show where it is when running

(4)  Add a "throw the dice" randomizer to the layer editor (include a bit of AI to keep the results somewhat sane)

(5)  Might be a stretch, but allow a layer output to be one of the osc inputs of a different layer

(6)  Another stretch(?) - let LFO1 modulate LFO2

Happy to elaborate if these brief descriptions aren't clear!

  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Tritonman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Quite a few more presets in all categories would be a huge drawing card no doubt.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Andrew Garman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Just started with this fantastic synth - two things stand out as missing.

1) Full IAA controls to include start/stop, rewind and record. Having to jump back to the host to hit record is a bit of inspiration killer.

2) solo button within the main layer/synth edit screen.

Looking forward to working with this synth.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
  3. # 5
kimmolainen Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Looks like a great synth. Will you add MPE support? I think this would be great with MPE controllers.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Bryan Baker Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Couple more suggestions for consideration.
(1) Add "Mute" functionality (similar to solo, but use to switch off a layer or instrument leaving everything else on)
(2) Change Solo indicator to green (or yellow) rather than red - use red for "Mute"
(3) For the above, how about icons with "M" and "S" similar to DAWs, grooveboxs, etc.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Bryan Baker Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Perhaps challenging (something for version 2 (or 3)???)
Allow the modulators for the following controls to be selectable between ENV1, ENV2, LFO1, LFO2 and LFOr:

  • A to B Morph time
  • Wave B Phase
    Mix of filter mixers 1 and 2
    Amp Mod (can eliminate the 3 faders to the right of the Volume control?)

Add modulation options for Tuning and Oscillator/Noise Mix
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
  3. # 8
Sunburst 335 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have been playing with this wonderful app and really love the sounds produced by this well designed and versatile synth.

Here are just a few suggestions, which would be great to see included in a future release:

1. Keyboard & Scale Editor settings are not saved anywhere, which means having to be set these up everytime the app is started up. It would be good to save them with the performance.

2. Arpeggiator:

*** Thank you for including the all-important "as played" mode, which so many other devs leave out.

2.1 Note velocity played into the arpeggiator is not used/recorded, but has to be programmed manually into the sequence. It would be much quicker, more relevant & flexible, and most importantly, it would sound better, to record the velocity from the chords that are actually played, instead of having to laboriously edit in fixed velocity values.

2.2 Although the arpeggiator setup is saved with the performance, it would be great to save an arpeggiator sequence into a separate list of arpeggiator presets. Being able to setup some default arp templates would be very useful.

2.3 It would be good to have a way to clear the current arp sequence(s). The only way I can see to do this by manually double tapping every note.

2.4 It would be good to have the essential swing/shuffle mode, seen in many other arpeggiators.

3. The blue coloured held keys are difficult to see when all the keys are coloured. Grey would be better, perhaps.

4. It would really help to have the option to turn off coloured keys when key scales are selected.

5. I find most of the GUI a bit too dark and low in contrast (particularly the similar shades of grey) to see clearly, without having to turn the screen brightness up 2-3 times normal, but then the white & brightly coloured keys and notes in the arp seq (and switching to other apps) appear too bright.

Thank you for the great effort you have made to release what appears to be a virtually bug-free app. It has not crashed once during the many hours I have spent so far playing with this amazing instrument.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Bryan Baker Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
When saving to iCloud, is it possible to add an option to "Overwrite" if there is already a preset with the same name? Currently, the only options are "Cancel" and "Rename".
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Living Memory Software Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I've just updated the list at the top of this thread, it's getting quite long! ... :)
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Bullabs Accepted Answer Pending Moderation


I would like to see auv3 too 

Since months I only buy auv3 apps 

but I bought Layr this morning, because I want to support developers like you, and I really like LayRs demo...

so I've bought this app without auv3, but I really think it is a priority

promise, I won't complain if it doesn't come ,


  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
  3. # 12
Living Memory Software Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Bullabs

Understandably AUv3 gets asked for often!

LayR was actually designed from the ground up as a version 3 audio unit and it was my initial intention to release it as an AU.

It was only after testing when we found some very serious bugs in iOS core audio that I decided to put it on hold until such a time as Apple can release a fix. These are bugs that cause the hosting app to crash and so far, sadly, there is no workaround that I can find.

So, what follows is my opinion as a developer who has worked on audio units in Mac OS and iOS ever since they were first implemented:

At the moment AU v3 on iOS is very suitable and very good indeed for small things such as effects and simple synths which benefit greatly from multiple instances. But it also has some drawbacks for larger applications like LayR, such as the extremely limited screen space for UI, lack of ability to prevent multiple instances and preset sharing between instances can be difficult too. As an AU, LayR's user interface would have to be seriously compromised, as it is currently on small iPhone screens. It would work, but even on the iPad, as an AU, LayR would have to use the smaller iPhone UI mode.

Finally an important point to realise for LayR in particular is that in order to give you that big fat sound, LayR uses a processing technique that computes all 256 of it's voices in parallel. This means that if you launched 2 instances of LayR as an AUv3 the CPU would then be processing 512 voices which would be far too much for most iOS CPUs at the moment. This parallel processing technique has pros and cons, but it means LayR can process more voices than it would be able to if it used a more common serial processing method.

Meanwhile using IAA, LayR provides you with 8 separate audio outputs which give you the ability to use 8 separate instruments in your host app in a similar way as having multiple instances as an AU.

So .. thanks for being patient, AuV3 is not off the cards totally and hopefully in the future we can do it, but until then iOS and the Audio Unit API still need to mature a bit more before it can become a reality. 



  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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Bullabs Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Thanks for the explanations, I hope to see some News about auv3 from Apple at the WWDC, fingers crossed

  1. more than a month ago
  2. Dream On!
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